Time To Put Up

A Citizens participation in their governance does not come to an end after an election.

We The People are the inertia that is designed to guide the direction of our local governments.

Each individual must speak their “voice”.  Our individual voices will collect for the purpose of combining our “voices”  to be heard.

Then the Voice of We The People will get louder.

We will be heard.

Join us Today and your voice being heard. Subscribe for updates there is a whole lot more to come

We all know that we do not simply vote to pick a rabbit out of the hat and then let the chosen rabbit produce some kind of magic trick that we call governance. Usually all we get in return are small pellets of not so useful results.

Said simply, when you elect people to determine your future and do nothing to keep an eye on them then you will get less than desirable outcomes.

Man is Man and Nature is Nature.

The Nature of Man is such that your interest will soon be forgotten by the elected servants if you do not speak up, speak out and let the elected know what you want them to do. Or for that matter, stop doing.

Then it is time for them to put up. You were told a lot of things by the people that were elected. They worked hard to make you think that they were the best one to represent your Village future for you.

Did you choose them because they know more about what is best for you?

Did you vote for them because they promised you candy’s and sweets?

Or did you elect them because they knew that they needed to represent We The People?

In any case, if you want to have a Voice – a loud one – hang in there.

We are establishing a place for all of Martin County Citizenry to gather, inform, organize, review and take back the narrative and direction of our world. We are Unapologetic Americans. Join us Today in a New Day and a New Way in Martin County.

It is time for the elected to put their words into actions.

It is time for the citizens to make their voices heard

It is time for everyone to put up or shut up.

Time for substance. We are watching.


May God Bless America

~ Editor – 2020


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