Robert Burns III Update

While Robert Burns III may be the focus of a lot of talk. There are elected leaders, a now Mayor and a past Mayor in the Village of Indiantown that are equally as complicit in breaking the law. Soon their turn will come to see the light of day too.

My complaint to FDO and FDLE is ready to send. It includes criminal wrong doing, with proof, against both Janet Hernandez and Guyton Stone.

The charges include Voter Fraud, illegal electioneering and Sunshine violations. It is important to note that this investigation will more than likely expand as we uncover more information about Sunshine Law violations that have taken place for months, with two other Council members as well as Guyton and Janet.

It appears that there has been coordinated efforts to determine the outcome of votes prior to official meetings. I say for now appears, but FDLE will find their way to the bottom of this. Remember, just because you delete it doesn’t make it go away !

Now to the current news about Burns. (please use the link below to direct you to the story from Knowhere News)

This is a story from Knowhere News in Florida. It contains even more info about Stone and Janet. Silly kids, you should have just run on your merit.

These are the previous stories stories that we have been detailing on Talk About Martin.

Burns and your Village Council

How Tight A Stitch?

If you have info on this or other story let us know here – we will keep your name confidential.

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