MCSD Voter Referendum (UPDATE)


It was interesting yesterday to see where the grievance came from the School District Employees about our story on the Allocation of 2018 Voter referendum funds.

It goes to show that no matter how many degrees, pedigrees or experience, the human animal is the same. One would assume that the argument from people that received money as a TEACHER, just like they claim to be, teachers, would not have been so Defensive.

We indicated that these peoples and others received referendum monies:

Behavioral Specialist, Dean’s, Digital Learning Specialists, Instructional “coaches”, Intervention/Prob solving coaches, Lifelong learning instructors, literacy coaches, Media specialists, Occupational specialists at an alternative school, Program specialists, School Counselor’s, Speech pathologists, Bilingual specialist, Digital learning coach, Headstart program, ESE support facilitator and Transition specialist.  To name but a small few

We even showed from public record how some retained more earning than the formula the Board Set to pay the “QUALIFIED TEACHERS”.

We also have shown how 1,000 NON-TEACHING roles received $1,000,000.00.

We even advocated for the transfer of the $1,000,000.00 to be distributed to the TEACHERS.

Seemed straight forward. Well, not so much, I guess.

What we have not done is to be the arbiter of who is more equal or worthy than another. The questioned asked of us, the VOTER, never included those options. PERIOD.

We have not said that we feel anyone person for their effort or dedication should not be paid. No this is not about merit. It is about honor and stewardship. Plain and simple.

If those two words still mean anything today then that should be all that need be said. Seems like the  words don’t mean the same thing to some though. Just sayin.

The people that actually received the money in that list were more upset that we suggested they may not meet the technical definition of QUALIFIED TEACHER than the fact that there is a Million Dollars that is due TEACHERS still allocated inappropriately. It is not hard to consider  it would be more in the teachers interest to have consideration about the money on the table. Not by demonstrating an insecurity  over their certainty of their position, but by seeing the shortfall they had from the hands of others. See, it is your UNION that robbed Peter to pay Paul.

Is there a UNION member that would like to talk about what you know from the inside that others should know? We would love to talk.

We never said take the ESE and other roles money away. But if the shoe fits, I suppose.

You would have thought that the same people in the list above receiving the original Stipend would have been supporting another $1,000,000.00 into the pot for the TEACHERS. Seeing as to how they already are more equal than others and received a Stipend.

Nope, they had to defend whether or not they are teachers.


This matter is not about castigation of anyone’s qualifications or credentials. This is not a judgement on your work ethic, skill, importance, mission or anything of the sort. This is about doing the right thing as it was sold to the VOTERS.

This matter is not just about the personnel of the School District or the Union. The matter at hand is bigger than the MCSD, which is pretty darn big already.

On the other hand there was the rush of accolades from people wanting to support the effort to clean this boondoggle up.

Overall, outside of a few hot-headed ego damaged persons that received the money and are still whining, Martin County is on the side of the Truth in this matter, as are we. All the VOTER citizens of this County want are transparency, accountability and Stewardship with the MILLIONS of dollars taken from our pocket.

So, if you think getting to the bottom of this mess in the SUNSHINE is important, well so do WE THE PEOPLE.

There should not be one person in the School System that for one minute should feel a personal attack from the facts. The facts are the facts. You did receive the money, under the QUALIFIED TEACHERS moniker, did you not? So, why the uproar?

Maybe some education of the Public, a little TEACHING and less defense would help to clear this Union/District Made muddy water. When you  involve yourself with Unions, this kind of a mess is inevitable.

More to follow.

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