We have a time for MC Fair ground Q&A with the Indiantown Chamber (UPDATE


Where: Indiantown Civic Center-15675 SW Osceola – Indiantown, FL 34956

When: Tuesday September 29th, Starts promptly @ 6:30PM

More to follow – Please share this out with your friends and Facebook groups.

The Honorable Councilwoman Miss Susan Gibbs-Thomas will be on hand to represent the Village Council.

This is your chance to ask questions and see what all of the excitement surrounding the Fair is all About !

We are busting with pride to announce to you that the Indiantown Chamber of Commerce will be CO-SPONSORING the Fairground Discussion and Update. We have been working to bring you a whole lot more in the near future that is in partnership with the Chamber in Indiantown. Maybe some open air citizen councils to discuss public matters like Park and Recreation, Beautification, LDR’s etc. In the meantime – Let’s Talk About the Fair with everyone.

Also, we have asked Ms. Susan Gibbs-Thomas if she would please represent the Village Council at this meeting and she has happily agreed to do so.

We welcome all the residents, businesses and interested party – Dates for Palm City and Indiantown to be announced soon.

(16 SEP 20) – Today, The TAM Editor reached out to the Martin County Fair Association Director and asked him a question.

We asked him this.  “If  TAM is able to accommodate a TOWN HALL meeting of citizens in Indiantown and in Palm City would he and his Association come and update us on what the developments are in with the new Fairgrounds”.

Well, Jay, being who Jay is, said OF COURSE. We explained that there is a lot of foggy air and disinformation that the TAM wanted to help clear up. We explained that the best information we could find was a one year old Video from the MCTPA. Besides, no one else is keeping us up to date with the info so we thought we would ask.

So we did. When we did ask the Fair Association agreed.

Jay thought it was a great idea to offer an opportunity to have a discussion and update. Same as John Haddox has indicated on our FB TAM site.

So, standby – we are working with a community partner in Indiantown and Palm City to help make sure this is a worth while educational civic event for the People. We are excited and know that you will not want to miss this opportunity to see what is coming your way – real soon.

We believe that up front discussion will help to prevent after the fact suspicion. We believe up front information and feedback will make for an even more successful MC fair that benefits the community even more so.

Please join us as community members to learn more about our world and the things that will be there in our future and our children’s.

As soon as we have a date we will announce our community partners in the event.

You see, when we all come together around a single mission, well, we are unstoppable. We want to thank the MC Fair Association, their Board and all the people involved. They are doing the lifting. Let’s give them an objective and informative platform to show us what they are doing on our behalf.

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