KC Ingram Show – 22 Sep 21 – Guest Eric Miller

Indian River160,000$198,414$173,143
Santa Rosa*184,430$147, 430 

Average County Administrator (excluding Santa Rosa/Martin) $175,588

Average County Attorney (excluding Martin) $175,560

FS125.74 County administrator; powers and duties.—

(1) The administrator may be responsible for the administration of all departments responsible to the board of county commissioners and for the proper administration of all affairs under the jurisdiction of the board. To that end, the administrator may, by way of enumeration and not by way of limitation, have the following specific powers and duties to:

(a) Administer and carry out the directives and policies of the board of county commissioners and enforce all orders, resolutions, ordinances, and regulations of the board to assure that they are faithfully executed. (Is this a Board Issue – no she already said so in here reply)

(b) Report to the board on action taken pursuant to any directive or policy within the time set by the board and provide an annual report to the board on the state of the county, the work of the previous year, and any recommendations as to actions or programs the administrator deems necessary for the improvement of the county and the welfare of its residents. (These are still empowerment to recommend to the Commission)

(c) Provide the board, or individual members thereof, upon request, with data or information concerning county government and to provide advice and recommendations on county government operations to the board. (WOW Now that is a mouth full but still not authority )

(d) Prepare and submit to the board of county commissioners for its consideration and adoption an annual operating budget, a capital budget, and a capital program. (This again is a report back / recommendation clause)

(e) Establish the schedules and procedures to be followed by all county departments, offices, and agencies in connection with the budget and supervise and administer all phases of the budgetary process. (This is Budget related only)

(f) Prepare and submit to the board after the end of each fiscal year a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the county for the preceding year and submit his or her recommendations. (Prepare and Submit / recommendations again)

(g) Supervise the care and custody of all county property. (staff are not inventory)

(h) Recommend to the board a current position classification and pay plan for all positions in county service. ( This only gives that level of power to them at the position level – not the level of the individual)

(i) Develop, install, and maintain centralized budgeting, personnel, legal, and purchasing procedures. (This is most likely the place it could be slipped into)

(j) Organize the work of county departments, subject to an administrative code developed by the administrator and adopted by the board, and review the departments, administration, and operation of the county and make recommendations pertaining thereto for reorganization by the board.

(k) Select, employ, and supervise all personnel and fill all vacancies, positions, or employment under the jurisdiction of the board. However, the employment of all department heads shall require confirmation by the board of county commissioners.

(l) Suspend, discharge, or remove any employee under the jurisdiction of the board pursuant to procedures adopted by the board.

(m) Negotiate leases, contracts, and other agreements, including consultant services, for the county, subject to approval of the board, and make recommendations concerning the nature and location of county improvements.

(n) See that all terms and conditions in all leases, contracts, and agreements are performed and notify the board of any noted violation thereof.

(o) Order, upon advising the board, any agency under the administrator’s jurisdiction as specified in the administrative code to undertake any task for any other agency on a temporary basis if he or she deems it necessary for the proper and efficient administration of the county government to do so.

(p) Attend all meetings of the board with authority to participate in the discussion of any matter.

(q) Perform such other duties as may be required by the board of county commissioners.

(2) It is the intent of the Legislature to grant to the county administrator only those powers and duties which are administrative or ministerial in nature and not to delegate any governmental power imbued in the board of county commissioners as the governing body of the county pursuant to s. 1(e), Art. VIII of the State Constitution. To that end, the above specifically enumerated powers are to be construed as administrative in nature, and in any exercise of governmental power the administrator shall only be performing the duty of advising the board of county commissioners in its role as the policy-setting governing body of the county.

History.—s. 1, ch. 74-193; s. 822, ch. 95-147.

Source: http://www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=&URL=0100-0199/0125/Sections/0125.74.html

edu piece


Mr. Miller

Thank you for your comments. I am going to respectfully disagree with you. Legal council I have received, allows for me to implement operational directives, such as this internal administrative guideline, under Florida State Statutes 125.74 which defines the duties of the County Administrator and authority.

I would not ask the Board to vote on an operational guideline, nor should they engage in those areas that fall under the purview of the County Administrator. This guideline was created in consultation with my Leadership Team and is for a six-week period from 8/2/21 – 9/13/21 providing department directors the ability to effectively manage their operations. I take full responsibility for this guideline that was developed, again upon consultation with others, but ultimately, it is my responsibility for managing the roughly 1100 employees that we have.

Again, thank you for your comments and kind words on my position.

Taryn G. Kryzda, MPA, CPM

County Administrator

Martin County Board of County Commissioners





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