Want a dream job that pays?

Join the Village of Indiantown and the Fat Cat’s on staff in Indiantown ~ Susan Gibbs-Thomas lay’s it out in no uncertain terms.

The Following is a post from Councilwoman Susan Gibbs-Thomas on Facebook.

PSA – at last night’s (4-14-22) Village of Indiantown Council Mtg a new paid holiday (that is not a Federal Holiday) was approved for Village employees by a 4-1 vote. It was stated from the dias by a Council member that “this is a part of progress and my desire is that the Village of Indiantown be progressive”.

On the very first day of employment a Village employee will have nearly 3 weeks (14 days) of paid time off. Once they serve their probation period they have another 2 weeks off along with other benefits (health insurance, retirement, etc.). A full 12 month salary and you only have to work 10 3/4 months.
Ladies and gentlemen, please apply for any and every job the Village has open. I wish I could, this is a better employment package than I have ever had the privilege to work under and I’ve been employed by a government entity for nearly 20 years. Apply to get back some of the taxes that you are paying in.

The list below are the average 7 paid Holidays people get.  A point of reference – I get 6. ~ Councilwoman Susan Gibbs-Thomas

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