First Mayor is the First Candidate in Indiantown

Oh Yeah – It is that time again


The National election picture is clouded and in turmoil to say the least. While it takes most of the news headline, do not miss the local races. The local elected are more important in the long run. They are closest to you and I. They have a great impact.

The First Mayor of Indiantown, Councilwoman Ms. Susan Gibbs-Thomas

So, I am sure you can imagine how pleased Indiantown will be to know that the First Mayor of Indiantown, Ms. Susan Gibbs-Thomas has announced that she is running for one more term.

In a statement made today Ms. Gibbs-Thomas made her intentions clear. “It has been my privilege and honor to serve the Indiantown community as Councilwoman and First Mayor.  I ask for your continued support as I commit to run again for the Village of Indiantown Council Seat 5. The work is not complete, my job is not done. Your vote for me will be a vote for proven commonsense leadership.  Thank you and vote Susan Gibbs-Thomas for Indiantown Council. “

As election season cranks up make sure you are listening, learning and making an informed decision. This election will undoubtedly be one of the more important in our storied history.

Stay tuned as TAM begins our detailed local election coverage for 2022.

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