Exclusive Interviews on The Pet Store Ban

The topic of ILLEGAL Puppy Mills is an emotional one.

The government has already outlawed the practice of puppy mills. Martin County Animal Control has full authority to inspect and cite the practices that do not meet the guidelines. So why the push for the ordinance to close Pet Stores that sell dogs,cats and bunnies from the Commission?

While there is no certainty of intent, we do find it curious that a private rescue operation was the one to bring this forward. At looking at their publicly disclosed tax returns, it would appear that there is a lot of money in it as well.

Please remember, the intent of the ordinance was to stop the Puppy Mills.

First of all I would ask the question of you and the commissioners, what is a puppy mill?

Do either of these stores qualify as “Puppy Mills”?

Can the Commission prove beyond any reasonable doubt that these stores buy their pets from “Mills”?

If not, how does ruining their livelihood make the problem go away?

Why did you not ban breeders, just the stores?

Seems awfully symbolic and political and smacks of favoritism.

(The video below will help explain some of these questions.)

(Click this link to sign the petition asking the Commission for reconsideration)

Save the Pet Stores ~ Martin County Should Grandfather Them In!

As KC Ingram has pointed out there is a time line of events that we need to take into consideration when talking about the Pet Store Ban recently implemented by the County Commission.

Both of the stores opened in Nov. 2021.

Dec. 20, 2021, Ms. Keri Burgess, from Farm Dog Rescue, emails the BOCC her 41 page packet urging the ban on the retail sale of puppies and kittens.

Feb. 2, 2022 – a complaint comes in from a former employee of the other pet store, Noble Paws.

Feb. 6, 2022 Comm. Ciampi forwards this complaint to Keri Burgess and and says:


Please see the below email. I will find out tomorrow what is happening with our item to ban these “stores”. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to reach out to Angela. I will also. 



March 11, a letter is sent to the BOCC in support of banning puppy stores and accuses Nobel Paws of buying puppies from mills, but with no substantiation of the claim. The person stated “It is my understanding that the commission has received a proposal to modify our Ordinance to stop pet stores in our country. Please put this proposal on the agenda as soon as possible. We cannot allow these outlets to multiply.” 

June 6, one day before the vote, another pet rescue urges the BOCC to pass the ban.

At no time to date did staff or any of the Commissioners contact the pet stores, visit the stores or inquire as to their practices and standards.

Watch KC Ingram’s Interview below with Wags About You Pet Store owner for an in depth look at the facts surrounding this issue.

(e-mail the Commission at the story link below)


(sign a petition to grandfather in the pet sores at the story link below)

Help Save The Pet Stores From Martin County

(full uncut interviews with Doug Smith & Ed Ciampi)

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