Sellout or Real?


As a personal Editorial note: We welcomed Kimberly well before the previous election ended- Now we have asked her to be a part of our public square. our public square –> WE THE PEOPLE

KJ is the real Deal ! We all can learn from each other and Kim has a way of helping.

 “Sometimes we have to back up and straighten out in order to go forward” – KJ -2020

We enjoy her unique perspective. It comes from a place of light and of life, that is hers.

Help her shine the same light of Liberty proclaimed in the good book, the Bible.

There is a real Liberty. It is not just a word. It is a natural reality, and KJ understands the essence and spirit that make Liberty the power that it is.

Please show the love and thumb this message up and SHARE it out !


editorial Staff – Talk About Martin


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