Unity & The 28 Principles of Liberty

Without Reconciliation there can be no Unity

When “We The People” regain control of the variable of outside influence and reverse the flow of the corruption into the process, we will have begun the restoration of our community and America.

At that point of unity, we will once again stand united.

Unity is defined in the dictionary as the quality or state of not being multiple: oneness.

Our national culture has been fractionalized by a series of divisions purposefully crafted over a period of time for the partisan gain of political wings and special interest.

Political Party structures have damaged their brand and chased off large numbers of members.

Over time internal party factions have strengthened, become more independent of each other, and today barely maintain a semblance of cohesion as a political Party. This trend has become dangerous and a threat to the success of our Republic.

It can’t be allowed to continue. We have the responsibility to bring factions together for reconciliation through a process of responsible reform.

A sign of your success will be evident in the voice of those opposing you. When they call you divisive continue to speak. When they demand unity remind them that unity does not come without mutual reconciliation.

In that process of reconciliation remember to stand true to principle and value. There is no reconciliation of truth, only capitulation when surrendered. It is that same stand for principle that has brought us to a point in which we are at today. You must stand strong for universal principle and American values.

Let us all gather and declare our principles so that they may be seen. Then demand just governance from those that claim your brand and benefit from your effort. Stand for principle. Stand for honest governance. Stand with those of like mind and develop a platform of principle in which we can agree upon as free men.

To not do so is negligent. To not do so relinquishes the Republic to governance by influence and not will.

Here are the 28 Principles of Liberty


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