Are you certain you know?

Throughout the day we are confronted with problems, common stuff that we know how to deal with. Things like traffic, a flat tire and charging your phone. That is common stuff.

Then we have national social and cultural problems that confront us and our family everyday too.

Unfortunately, National problems can become  local problems if left unchecked and unmonitored.

We are supposed to have a National News that keeps us up to date on these things of importance. Some rely on them for what should be unbiased analysis of events in our Nation.

We have local media like TV news, TC Palm and a handful of single interest print and electronic sources as well.

Unfortunately, this is the place, along side Facebook and Twitter, that most people are getting what they think is news being delivered.

Most are really seeing a very superficial short take review of the current events if you rely solely on traditional media sources.

The narrative most people are getting placed in front of them is propaganda or sensational headlines for ratings. The sources lack credibility and solution. So naturally you get more frustrated. These messages are generally positioned with a bias to the sources editorial staff or whomever is paying the bills to make sure that the ad’s go to market.

What happens to you though if those sources, trusted as you may call them, are not telling you the whole story? Either because of ignorance to the depth of the issue or because of political or social bias? What if that problem becomes a day to day problem?

What happens for some reason when you go to “Main Stream Trusted Outlets” and it is not there and it is not found?

What happens when that problem becomes a threat? Not just in one location, but in your own front yard day after day after day?

How long do you ignore it?

You can find articles or videos like ours but when you go to the so-called leaders in local media, you see and hear nothing from them on real world matters that have a serious potential to harm you. If they do show the same information they down play it saying it is an over generalization. They say there is nothing to worry about look over here.

When this occurs in your front yard it is time to sit down and have serious conversation about what is going on. Not a popularity contest or a race baiting shouting match. It is time for substance.

Not a bunch of politicians empty worthless words strung together to make it look like it is all legitimate and in your best interest.

Ask honest questions then do your own homework. Censorship is as much about what you are not being told as it is about what you are being told.

That is the reason we embarked on this project. There are so many people out there that take what they see at face value and are trusting of the information or lack there of that they are receiving. TAM is offering perspective from several angles and voices.

We are including data, analysis and experience to bring Martin County a deeper look at what the media propagandists and the local political apparatuses are saying. They want you to hear what they think you should hear and bury what you do not need to hear, in their opinion.

For instance, TC Palm has had several opportunities to examine the 2018 Voter referendum language and illicit expenditure of tax dollars to the tune of 4 million dollars. Have you seen one written word about it from them? We know for a fact that local reporters with TC Palm have had access to the same information we have but for whatever political or social reason have decided to bury it. So we ran with it.

Martin School Board & The Union have pulled one over on us

School District Referendum Update

Does the fact that we broke the story and not TC Palm make the facts any more or less important. No, it does not. What it does do however is shine a little light on the state of the world you think you live in and shines a light on the manipulation of omission to drive a narrative.

It used to be such that truth drove the narrative in our adult world. Now we are, for many, unsuspecting recipients of political, social and cultural narrative at the expense of the truth.

We will continue to work hard to bring you the analysis and exposure of the false narratives as they exist in our busy day to day world.

It is never to late to learn something new. If you care as much about your world as you say you do then join us on a journey to unwrap the facts as they affect you without the bias of advertisers or agenda. We are your neighbor.

It is time to know who you are standing with and alongside. Equally as important it is time to know why you do so. Before you choose to stand with them or us please ask yourself this. What are the foundations of their belief? Are they based on skin color? Are they based on economic class? Are they based on political party? Do they have a bedrock foundation based on truth, justice and the American way?

Are you sure? Life and the governance thereof are not meant to be a contact sport. The exercise of those decisions is serious and will affect the outcomes of your world for a long time to come. So, when the Watchdog barks at your neighbor’s house, you better look out your window and see what the reason is. If you don’t, well, without the watchdog you better hope your sources are enough to keep you informed and your family safe from the dangers that threaten you day to day.

Watchdogs are needed now more than ever. As Facebook and others continue to decide what we and others have to say you can be sure to get the information direct from our site. Be sure to follow Talk About Martin and receive updates to your inbox as we post them. That way you will know that you are receiving all of the facts.

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