200 Vaccine Inoculations in Indiantown

65+ Camping in 40 degree weather for a chance to get inoculation

The Florida Family Health Center, in Indiantown, told TAM officials today that the rollout of the 200 FREE vaccines being handed out are are their doing alone. They said the rollout is a corporate effort and that they will be distributing in at least five geographic areas in Florida tomorrow.  Indiantown being one of them. Okeechobee, Ft. Pierce and elsewhere.

The Official we spoke to, who requested anonymity, told us that the company has worked to provide extra Sheriffs protection to avoid people camping out and blocking streets with vehicles in an effort to gain front of the line status.

Several rooms where quickly booked at the Seminole Inn that are directly related to a chance to get a front line opportunity for the Injection. Our inquiry discovered that no local residency requirement exists and that anyone with a will to get the injection is eligible. This is according to the Florida Health Center in Indiantown, Fl.

Our Contributor Anthony Zweiner conducted the following interview this evening in front of the Florida Health Centers where he found people are camping out in an effort to be the first in line for tomorrow mornings 9AM chance at a shot for those over 65.

If for some reason (cough cough) YouTube has an issue playing this – use this link. <<Click Here>> for direct connect.

We will be continuing our first hand observations as they take place.



3 thoughts on “200 Vaccine Inoculations in Indiantown

  1. Great on the spot interview Tony. Sad that our seniors are reduced to huddling overnight in the cold in the hope-no guarantees-of getting the vaccination. People from outside Martin County queuing up for the scarce vaccine. What a shame. Our leaders at all levels are bunglers. Shameful!


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