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Another Meeting

Another Train Wreck

The lack of consistency of principle is mind boggling when you observe people like Antony Dowling and Janet Hernandez drone on about the virtue of their effort. Especially when you hear the tone taken to address criticism and media reporting on them. Not just TAM but several other media outlets that have seen the same warning signs and flashing red lights we have at TAM.

You can hear their own words on the Village website. We are not making it up. They say it. We just talk about it. Their ideas, words and actions.

But before we get there, we want to tell you about another story we are working on at TAM. It seems that a certain property in town that is rumored to be developed in the near future has Indian Burial Mounds on it. That’s right, TAM has spoken with two lifelong members of the Indiantown community who say that they witnessed the burial of an Indian woman on the property in the near past.

We will be bringing you more about that as we tighten up the FACTS surrounding the matter. Standby   More to come.

Before everyone starts blasting us again for having these discussions know that we are reporting on the actions and words of the people you elected to try and run this clown show called the Village. It is their Words and their votes. We report – you decide.

According to Antony and a council cheerleader at the last Regular IVC Meeting, it seems Face Book and Social Media are all of the sudden NOT the place to go to get information. Even though each of the two prior mentioned Council people, Janet and Antony, rely on it to put their agenda and disinformation forward.

Never mind though 60% of Americans now turn to Face Book for their news it is somehow wrong to look for it there according to your vocal Howard Brown fans and supporters. One of which is certainly not Susan Gibbs-Thomas who gave Howard a failing grade on his last review. Here is a link to her comments on the KC Ingram show as to how she came to that grade.

[ Here is a link to Ms. Thomas’ Evaluation of Howard Brown -> Eval-Gibbs_Thomas ]

Then there is the Progressive cheerleading squad that is as equally against the principled handling of the people’s business. The ends my friends do not justify the means when it is in violation of all that is real and sacred in terms of Constitutional governance. The best they could do at the last meeting was to quote a Black-Muslim Marxist radical supremacist known as Malcolm X in defense of Howard and the failure of accountability on the Councils part. Really?

What do we mean by that? Well let’s start here. There were almost 50 minutes of defense of Howard Brown at the last meeting. Including some pretty anti Chamber of Commerce comments made as well. I guess the fact that the Village wants to hire another staffer to deal with Economic Development would have nothing to do with that though. I mean really, why would you want a Chamber of Stakeholders, employers, tax paying businesses and business people have anything to do with Commerce? Personal Kingdom building maybe?

So let’s start with Antony’s brown nose fluff about Howard’s 25 years of achievement with an association called the ICMA. Where the “I” stands for International. Not American or Floridian. Nope – International standards and practices in local governance.

Oh, wait it gets better. The Association is full of United Nations Agenda 2030 and Agenda 21 Great Reset road maps. It is full of the current toxic cancel culture diatribes of Social Equity and Social Justice along the same progressive lines as Iliana Omar, Rashid Talib and Alexandria Occasional Cortex. It sets agendas and roadmaps, their own words, to inject this toxic mentality into YOUR government and Governance. Still want to go along to get along? Like renaming Columbus Day Indigenous peoples day. Remember? And the last minute proclamation of Social Equity and Justice that was slipped in not too far back.

In their own words the (ICMA) works for inclusion of these anti-American socialist progressive policies in local government. In LOCAL Government. In short, it is a progressive far left leaning collection of life long bureaucrats that make their living off the blood and money of the American Tax payer at the expense of Constitutional governance.

The same people that do not see a need for guidelines or policies from the Council instructing them on how to take action and in what direction to do it. Unless of course those policy are set with a wink and a nod in closed door agenda development meetings. Instead of in the daylight.

Maybe Janet does not have enough wisdom to operate as an independent free thinking woman and that is why she uses Howard as a crutch to base all of her decisions on. Original thought and critical thinking seem to be too much to ask. She even admits to that in her own statements from the dais. Of course, though as Antony said, “I haven’t worked this hard in my life”. No kidding – you really haven’t had a job and you still don’t. You continue to take from the Taxpayer for your existence. Maybe if you stopped “dragging the people along” you might find it is less work. Shame on you both.

This self-important attitude the children on this Council have taken are rubbing many County Stake Holders and other elected officials in a negative light. Indiantown is the laughing stock right now and some higher ups we have spoken with have written several of the Council off as ineffective self-absorbed ego maniacs that are driving the progressive short bus to the edge of the cliff for a big wreck.

Can you say Fire Rescue?

The appearance is that showmanship and not substance is winning the day for those with higher political aspirations. They seem to be taking a lot of their cheerleaders with them to the edge as well.

Then we have the not so well thought out defense of Howard used by the current Village mouthpiece and Mayor – Janet Hernandez. Where do we start. Even in her own words she says – “We have no idea and need to rely on the knowledge of Howard because we do not have the knowledge to make the decisions otherwise.” Um, OK well at least you are honest and admit that you really don’t know much of anything.

I get that. But to treat this leftist, Howard Brown, that is financially and socially raping the Village for personal gain, like he walks on water is ridiculous. That is unless you agree with the Identity politics of the groups that Howard is heralded for being such a big part of. He is using these ideologies and integrating toxic racial identity politics and un-American ideas into your Village governance. It needs to end.

It is fine I suppose if you are un-educated and lack the knowledge required to drive this runaway freight train. If you are in support of Council members that proclaim their Leftist Progressive Socialist agenda by aligning with the YEO network and other radical far left associations like the ICMA then you too are part of the problem.

It strikes me as laughable to watch the self-important venom that runs from the mouths of Antony and Janet and sometimes Jackie when they decide that Howard and Staff have all the answers. Fine, if you want to hand the future off to the unelected then you have to live with that. You can continue to pretend that you are doing anything expect sitting there in front of the Microphone and vote how you are told. You are violating your oath. You should and will be held to account in time.

So as an unknown public speaker that claims to have been another far-left elected Mayor from the North East said at the last council meeting, “consider the source”. I could not agree more. Consider the source as being the radical far left identity politic race bating tax and spend equity and social justice baboons from the dark ages.

You know the same ones that say Critical Race theory is good for America. The same Progressive children that are drunk with ego driven power that will tell you racism is systemic and because you are white you are racist. The same crowd that advocated for policy to penalize anyone that does not adhere to their view of how things should be. So much for Unity, inclusion and representing all of Indiantown.

The same crew that wanted to add tens of thousands of dollars to the cost of a new home because they said it was the responsible thing to do.

No, the emperor has no clothes. Watching this Social train wreck that is the Village of Indiantown is sad and exciting at the same time. Hopefully the people of Indiantown will realize who is and who is not representing their interests before the next election.

Maybe too when they approve some of those high priced zero lot line and stack and pack housing units, we can get a fresh batch of voters in here to correct this problem that is the Village of Indiantown.

The problem is the approach being taken and the lack of accountability exhibited by Howard Brown and his crony grunts on the Council and staff.

As we have said many times before. Engage. You have to listen, think and act. If you see something that looks wrong, engage. The time to take your stand and get involved is before the problems manifest into your Village. Get rid of the cancer that is killing Indiantown. It is your Heritage and no one will protect it if you do not care to either. Engage

More to follow on the Indian Mounds, Mask Mandates, State of Emergency and drunken sailor spending that is taking place in your Village. There is a bill to be paid for all of these actions and that check will start to come due very soon!

#GoIndiantown #TAM #HowardBrown #ICMA #YEO

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