Who is Running Indiantown? – pt. 2



Fire Rescue

Welcome to the promised and now delivered part two of Who is Running Indiantown?

We are going to take a look this time at Fire Rescue and draw some tighter stitches to help sew a seam. That way the Emperor can get some clothes that are made from the finest that global standards and practices can provide.

As a frame of reference for you the reader or viewer depending upon how you are receiving this message, the points I am about to make are not just made-up ideas that are being pulled out of a planner’s manual developed from places like Sri Lanka and Mozambique and the United Nations.

The research and knowledge on Global influence in American Culture and Governance is more than talking points for me.  I have done radio interviews over the span of several years with some of the biggest names in the in the area of globalism. I have researched, studied and have documented the same. I have written a book on the subject as well. I have served at a State and National level politically and have been involved in the in the body politics for a very long time.

The blessings of education, research, travel, life learning and diverse experience have allowed a certain amount of wisdom to manifest in what at least used to be called, wisdom, character and knowledge. Almost like an expert. hmmm

As an Editor here at TAM I want to assure you we do our best to speak truth to reality on matters of globalist agendas and their local political influence in OUR lives. The “Globalist Leftist Way” is not the only way you know. Especially if you are an American.

That being said, we recognize at TAM that we are reaching a very large audience. We understand that we are also having impact in OUR world. Our effort will remain in truth and we will use the words and ideas of those titles and matters we discuss to make our points.

<<Part One of this story is here>>

With that said. Let’s cut to the chase and talk Fire Rescue in the Village of Indiantown.

In reading Friends and Neighbors of Martin County’s quick take on fire rescue it seems like a good place to start. We agree on with what Tom has stated and think that each Council person should answer some questions surrounding their efforts.

Here is a quote from the latest article from Tom.

“I began by asking questions that individual council members should answer. The first question was whether the village would be providing a better level of service than existing. I do not see how that is possible given what was presented. No one has claimed that they are receiving inferior service that needs to be better. So, then this cannot be the reason to proceed.”

Another couple of other important details are the E-mail from Taryn the County Administrator.

Again Quoting – This time from Taryn:

“Howard – I was sent the presentation that was presented to your Council on Saturday on Fire Rescue and options for service. I am not sure why you continue to provide inflated numbers to your Council on what the County collects via ad valorem taxes from the taxable values in Indiantown. It is roughly 5.3M not the 5.9M that your consultant is reflecting in his presentation. Could you please use factual numbers instead of inflated ones? Thank You – Taryn G. Kryzda – County Administrator McBOCC”


Then there is the letter sent from Janet Hernandez to the Chair of the McBOCC, Stacey Heatherington.

(Letter To McBOCC Chair re- EMS)

In that letter Janet states and I quote

“Over the past year, The Village has worked with the Center for Public Safety Management (“CPSM”), a public safety consulting firm affiliated with the ICMA, to advise the Village in evaluating its options.”

Where have we heard those four magic little letters before ICMA? I wonder.

When we say that Howard has his own agenda and it is an International Globalist Progressive Leftist Radical one this is another step in the direction of how we get there. It is another stitch in the cloth that makes their clothes.

Let’s stay with that theme of acronyms and globalism for a minute. Because this brings us to the financial portion of this equation. The next three letters we need to examine are the letter E – The letter S and the letter G.

  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are an increasingly popular way for investors to evaluate companies in which they might want to invest.
  • Many mutual funds, brokerage firms, and robo-advisors now offer products that employ ESG criteria.
  • ESG criteria can also help investors avoid companies that might pose a greater financial risk due to their environmental or other practices.

In short, a company’s ESG score that does not align with the Progressive Green, Social, Racial and Environmental Mandates will receive a bad score. What was the number one move on the plate of the current US Government? (Keystone) I think if I remember right, oil bad – need clean energy. Coal bad need clean energy.

The ESG score will be coming for you and I and sit right next to and soon replace your credit score. Your Social Justice score will mean as much as your credit worthiness.

So why are we bringing this up. Well, Indiantown already has lost one power generation facility due to the ridiculous executive orders of Barrack Hussein Obama. The new administrations mandates will have yet unforeseen consequences on the energy sector as a whole. In large part of which provides 85% of the funny money the Council and Howard are spending.

Is the picture beginning to come into focus yet? Let’s go a step further. As the ESG mania and plain old financial hurdles continue to mount, not only will FPL need to begin to look towards consolidation and new mandatory Green efforts, it has every potential of changing the landscape of Indiantown. The local FPL plant is but one small piece in the energy sector. Yet it is the largest piece for the Village.

This is the reason a lot of people felt that the formula used for considering the incorporation in the first place should never have been allowed. It actually required Legislative allowance and exemption from not meeting statutory requirement.

That brings me back to life experience. An easy cliché we could use I suppose is not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Having founded, built and sold two very successful businesses in Martin County I can tell you that having a diverse revenue stream is a requirement for survival in economic down turns. While other business failed during the last down turn, we flourished.

There are three Council Members that do not own any real property. There is at least one, potentially more Council members that live in tax payer subsidized housing. No strikes against them. But please do not expect us to sit and listen to fables and tales from the mouths of Babes and tax payer dependent lifestyles. There are no UNICORNS.

The rush to consideration on this maneuver is astounding. A field trip and a hurried planning session for sunshine cover and BAM.

Does everyone realize that once the Village is on the hook for this there will need to be new salaries? New vehicles. Increased Benefits for them. More Budget pressure. More personal Kingdoms.

We have seen this play out for the past two decades with the McBOCC and fire rescue as well as some memorable battles with Bob Crowder over the years. Their budgets never shrink. The perceived needs get bigger and the requirement for revenue does too.

So where does the money come from. YOU. If you are a property owner you will be assessed when the time comes for the need for more.

If you rent from a property owner, they will pass it on to you the renter.

They can raise sales taxes in the Village.

They can assess a municipal Golf Tax to every round.

This idea of Fire Rescue should be tabled. If for no other reason that to asses the near future needs for the Water Treatment Facility. Estimates range from 12 to 16 MILLION in needed upgrade and repair in the next two years. Just to get properly operational. Did you hear any of that when the discussion about buying it was taking place? Neither did we and that is our point.

What will be required when they Unionize? What will be required for dispatch? What will be required to pay Martin when they have to cover because you are busy? What if FPL says that they have had enough of your gamesmanship and kingdom building and get cold feet, will they annex out? Will FPL be forced to scale back or shift operations outside of the Village because of Global and National financial and social justice noise? Thus reducing their foot print and the size of the 85% percent of income for the spend happy Council.

So back to Tom’s original question. Who says that what we have that is working needs to be changed?

To simply grab a major financial liability for the sake of saying it is mine while not gaining a benefit offset is ego driven. It is not strategic in the least.

Leave the burden on the County. This Village has enough on its plate.

When you can begin to address the real day to day needs that lack for the citizens then maybe we should be having this conversation. You were elected to better the life of the people in the Village by fixing that which is broke first.

It is OK to relinquish yourself to the fact that no matter how NEATO you think it is, you are not ready yet. Negotiate for what you can get now and set a stage for future effort. The large pool known as Grants will be under extreme pressure as on-going inflationary threats and far left financial and environmental policy drive the economy.

So, who is in charge of Indiantown? All roads lead back to Howard – The ICMA – YEO and groups that are out in the open with what they advocate and implement. If you really think that this is all going to end well for you without you involving yourself and figuring out who is on your side and who is not, then you are in for a rude awakening.

I have a few questions for the multi generation families here in Indiantown. The ones with lineage. Are you OK with the Heritage and Pioneer spirit that is Indiantown being left to the hands of globalist progressives? Do they represent the American Spirit that built this Village? Do they represent you?

This is a serious topic that deserves serious discussion. We welcome your feedback and want to hear from you. Drop us a line or a comment on the story link. And as always be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on TalkAboutMartin.com.

<<Part One of this story is here>>







2 thoughts on “Who is Running Indiantown? – pt. 2

  1. Here’s a prediction for The Leftist instigators ‘learning as they go’, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Laws of Physics. The reaction is likely to come soon. Citizens of Indiantown are not going into the corral like dumb animals. The YEO Squad best remember that they serve at the pleasure of the Voters. Voters are Taxpayers and they are in ultimate control.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Excellent post. Factual and sobering. Fully agree. The end result of this rush to Kingdom Build by the Progressive Commissars of the Village Council will be higher taxes and the loss of quality of life. Digging deep to pay for these schemes will come from wage earners and property owners. The architects of this Progressive agenda should be recalled before they do permanent, serious damage. This is not what the incorporation was intended to be!


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