Would You Vote to Do Away with the Village Incorporation?

Tell us what you think should be done to stop the runaway big government and spending in Indiantown


6 thoughts on “Would You Vote to Do Away with the Village Incorporation?

  1. This is a re-post from a poll comment –

    From Ms. Linda Nycum as a respones on the poll questions-

    Even if we dissolve the incorporation……….what happens to the monetary commitments that have already been made? Do they automatically revert to the county? And what if the county does not accept something like the water plant with all of it’s huge anticipated expenses? I’m thinking that a push for the council to find a new manager might be more advantageous.

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  2. It is absurd to grow government when you have not expanded the economy. Indiantown remains a predo.inantly Agricultural community and there is only so much Tax Revenue that can fund these ambitions.

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  3. It is absurd to grow government when you have not expanded the economy. Indiantown remains a predo.inantly Agricultural community and there is only so much Tax Revenue that can be siphoned to support the schemes of naive amateurs playing with other people’s lives.


  4. The current Indiantown Administration would do well to heed the results of the survey. Clearly 99% of those responding are unhappy! More than 65% want to scrap this misguided Incorporation. 33% have focused correctly on removing the amateurs tampering with the levers of power and governance.

    Back in 1947, if memory serves correct, the City of Lake Worth had withdrawn it’s Charter for a couple of years. They later reinstated the Charter.

    In the 1990s, the City of Lake Worth was actually a tourist destination. It was not uncommon to see tourists from Europe enjoying Lake Worth. But Lake Worth, was saddled with an archaic electrical power plant that looked like something out of Soviet Life Magazine circa 1962. Taxpayers were paying for power coming not from the plant, but amazingly, from atie in from FPL by I-95!
    Also paying union scale wages, raises and benefits and negotiating labor contracts with the IBEW employees even though the plant really generated any power.

    They were also burdened by Uniformed Services, a fire department and the police department. The city had by early 2000s, fallen on Hard Times. It was a looking run down. A common sight was the scores of illegal aliens lining Lake Avenue and Lucerne looking to shape up for work. Many of the homes we’re owned by absentee landlords and rented to illegal aliens and of course the revenue base for the city shrunk. In addition, crime, poverty, drugs and other social problems began to manifest in plain view. The city was no longer an international tourist destination and it struggled to keep its Downtown Alive.

    The burden of paying for a fire department and the police department plus utilities department and all of the other services became crippling. The city was hemmed in by I-95 to the West and Atlantic Ocean to the East. West Palm Beach to the North and Lantana on the South. No where to grow!

    At an emergency meeting at City Hall, one consultant invited to attend, suggested that the city could not continue to function as there was not enough Revenue and with infrastructure getting older and in desperate need of repair, keeping the costly contract terms for Police endure, Utilities and other departments was an unfolding disaster. One recommendation was to revoke the charter and merge with West Palm or Lantana. Another recommendation was made to eliminate both fire and police and turn them over to Palm Beach County. In response, driven by the crippling burden of employee contracts, workers compensation claims, pensions and litigation, the city eliminated its Police Department but kept its Fire Department.

    Mr.Anthony, Ms.Hernandez and other self styled Progressives inIndiantown best take heed of this anecdote and more importantly, the fate of places like Lame Worth, Belle Glade, Pahokee and South Bay.

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