Talking With The People

Here are some of the conversations and signs from the recent Village Rally that Tony Z reported from


2 thoughts on “Talking With The People

  1. Tony Z… did an outstanding job, sir.myour video post is powerful, authentic, inspiring. A single spark can start a prairie fire. Indiantown has a right to its future. A right to competent, fair government. Stand toe to toe with these scheming amateurs and scoundrels. Hit them with the truth and like slugs bathed in salt, they will shrivel and vanish. Bring it on!


  2. Thursday, April 8th. Dennis Martin was in Indiantown. The man that has warned Americans of the toxic menace posed by Progressives of all stripes was here, in town. He submitted something short to convey what he witnessed.

    “There were people in motion last night. I know, I was privileged to see them. Proud of what they did and yes, they took a modest but incredible step forward in this simmering war with the very leaders that are destroying Indiantown.

    The immediate issue at hand was a review and vote on whether or not Indintown should sever its ties with Martin County Fire Rescue and equip their own Village FD. The bigger issue is the spreading cultural subversion of America by indoctrinated Progressives seeking to use power to transform American society into a false Utopia. A phony facade promoted with tax and spend fiscal inanity and over indulgence in Identity Politics, Critical Race Theory and Class envy. The people came out. And in a loud, unbroken chorus chanted, shouted and spoke forcefully: Make Indiantown Great! Stop the arrogant Howard Brown and his sock puppet Mayor, J. Hernandez, from dividing and destroying Indiantown.

    There was never a popular call to form an independent FD. There were no claims of inferior or discriminatory service by MCFD. Not a shred of evidence. But this absurd fixation to fund an independent FD was hatched in the mind of the scheming Village Manager, Howard Brown.

    The dozens of citizens lining Osceola St.last night proudly held their protest signs. Chanting ‘Brown must Go!’
    ‘Abajo con Brown’, and other slogans, these men and women, young and old, and their children, exposed the calamity unfolding in real time. An ethnically diverse group of angry Taxpayers demanding a halt to the prevailing politics of lunacy.

    Many motorists honked their approval. Some stopped to hear what this was all about, others to explain why they supported the protesters.

    A small, predominantly rural, agricultural village of a few thousand is being led down the path of self annihilation.
    The architect of this madness is Howard Brown. His cohort, that awful Mayor Hernandez, admitted that they are in over their heads. They spend money too readily trying to hire so called ‘experts’ to do the thinking for them.

    Confusion, fear, and of course, being overwhelmed, have prompted these amateurs, playing with the levers of power, to obediently line up behind the equally incompetent Howard Brown.

    Last night was a potent first step. More citizens of Indiantown will unite behind the resistance to this arrogant clique. The amateurs are the shamefully least equipped to handle the duties of Village government. These Leftist propagandists lack common sense, seeking to grow government before they have an economy that can sustain their grandiose ambitions.

    The People will have their say, Indiantown will have its day. This too we know: Brown must go!”


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