Council Corner Review – Fire Rescue Episode (updated)

Let’s talk about Fire rescue.

Be sure to watch the Martin County Board of County Commission (LIVE) discuss the topic of indiantown fire rescue. The discusion is to begin  around 9:15 in the morning. You can click here to watch the meeting live from the internet.

Enjoy !

****** (Once you click the link above for the County Broadcast you will need to click the play button and it will start) *****

*@5:37 we State that the meeting was held with no access to digital attendance. Well it existed, if you had the link. Here is the Villages response to outcry from the people to put it in the Sunshine.



One thought on “Council Corner Review – Fire Rescue Episode (updated)

  1. Lets DO SOMETHING ABOUT FIRE RESCUE! Recall the bunglers and Crony loving swindlers. The facts were clearly and powerfully stated in your commentary. Terrific posting. Ms. Gibbs-Thomas was excellent. Sadly, her logical, factual argument was above the limited IQ of weeping Janet and other H. Brown collaborators. Chaos is apparent. No Action Plan, no timeline or priorities with due dates for completion. The sclerotic water plant relapse last week is yet another shameful example of the mismanagement and ineffectual response from the ruling Junta. This sorry state of affairs rests squarely with the scheming Villge Manager, H. Brown and the implausible Troll playing at Mayor.

    Time to recall these traitors. Time to petition a recall or appeal to Tallahassee to place Indintown in Receivership. The ruling Junta is more concerned with People’s hair color, skin color and holidays than the quality of life or the future of Indiantown. Forget affordable housing. You will have a shrunken tax base as homeowners move out and rent their homes to 13 migrants. Another City of Lake Worth. And yes, Lake Worth was advised to terminate both Fire and PD. They let PD go but still have to pay Palm Beach County for Sheriff’s Deputies.

    When FPL sees the amateur liars and bunglers face to face, they will pull out of the Village. So, all you Villagers, how do you like the Progressive Agenda? Aren’t you happy they all want the Village to be a model worthy of their heroes in Caracas or Managua?


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