County Commission Video Updates – Fire Rescue

Here is the latest from the County Commissions talks about Fire Rescue. We will be posting updates as they come along so check back with us.


Local Residents Speak Out

Full Commission Replay Below

One thought on “County Commission Video Updates – Fire Rescue

  1. More than one Commissioner asked the question: ‘Why is the Village Council doing this?’
    They were bafford. In the absence of any popular demand for an independent Village Fire Rescue, or service complaints, why indeed would Mayor Hernandez and Village Manager Brown be so ardent in pursuit of this misguided proposal?

    Safe to say that each of the puzzled Commssioners are unaware of the Leftist indoctrination and personal ambition driving this foolish proposal. We have an overly ambitious Howard Brown, who has an apparent need to build his personal legacy and enhance his résumé. No doubt his hand picked consultants applaud his eagerness to pay for their services.

    That awful troll playing at Mayor, another incompetent, Janet Hernandez, is steeped in Cancel Culture rhetoric. Her oft heard references leave no doubt that her goal is to transform Indiantown into an enclave of Progressive ideology. Her remarks about this being ‘our turn’, or tearful public displays regarding her disdain for people with ‘blonde hair’ and conducting herself as though she was only required to be the mayor for Blacks and Hispanics and those with ‘Black hair’, Mark her for al to see. This sock puppet for Brown is more intent on social activism than on governance.

    Let’s not forget that in the absence of a growing economy or attempts to diversify the local economy, all she and Brown have is an agenda to grow the size of government. More tax and spend pet projects while the decrepit water plant that they overpaid to purchase has been operating on a single pump for over eight months and crapped ut last week. Why weren’t the two broken pumps repaired!

    Commissioner Ciampi spoke for many when he said the time for negotiation is closed. That he for one, would march in protest with the People if the Village Junta pursues privatization of Fire Rescue.

    Nobody asked for it, nobody complained about inferior service and yet, this half wit from Oca Loka and his dwarf puppet are looking to force this costly, unnecessary proposal on the backs of Taxpayers. If perception is reality, then right now, many are wondering about corruption. What’s in it for Brown.
    Corruption aside, we know why Bungling Janet is for it, its the divisive politics of the Left: the politics of class war, us against them……and Mayor, it may be ‘your turn’ but not for long. We demand a recall!

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