Fire Rescue – One More Time

OK Indiantown

Time to step up one more time

Well the day has finally arrived. The Council is going to have to make a decision about Fire Rescue this Thursday at their next meeting.

Below is a copy of today’s discussion with the Martin County Board of County Commissioners and their position on the Village of Indiantown’s bullish demands. As we expected the “deal is the deal”, take it or leave it Village People.

Howard Brown asked for 2.5 million. He asked to make usage and deed changes in Booker and Big Mound Park to buildings deeded to the Village.

Howard has also added an item to the Village agenda for this Thursday to hire someone to oversee the fire rescue efforts for the Village. Just what we need, more salary and employees and worse services than what we have.

Are you waking up out there?

The county is at 1.3 million take it or leave it – they are done. Honestly it was a gracious gesture to begin with and the Village keeps spitting in their eye. They are lucky the offer was not pulled out from under them.

The Village meets this Thursday to decide whether or not to hire a person to lead the transition of the Fire Rescue from Martin. If they do hire the person, well, kiss Martin County Fire Rescue “bye-bye” in 2022.

Or they can do as Ms. Gibbs-Thomas has suggested they do and “TAKE THE DEAL”.

Will you be at the next meeting to continue the pressure on the Council to put this bad idea away and bury it?

It Starts with you.

7 thoughts on “Fire Rescue – One More Time

  1. Dennis Martin will be present. This fiasco has gone on long enough! The blind obsession with creating a local Fire Rescue when there is no need, no popular call for it or any thought given to funding is gross negligence. The County has been accommodating as much as possible without impacting their duty to the rest of Martin County’s citizens. This moment of truth on Thursday is critical. Citizens of IndiNtown need to make their will known. Be present, be vocal, stay peaceful and persevere. Defeat the self promoting Howard Brown and puppet Mayor, Hernandez. This stops now…..but only if you fight it!

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  2. If they are so concerned with saving money, why do they keep hiring advisors & coordinators? It’s obvious that saving money is not their concern. It’s nothing but a power thing. They dont care about the people of Indiantown, only about their own egos & control. Just remember when elections come up next year. Time to vote them out!!

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  3. For Howard Brown to ask for an employee Emergency Response Coordinator to be paid at $90,000/yr is saying that the council has already made up its minds. The main job description for this employee is centered around the development of the Hybrid Volunteer Fire Department and its operations. The only member of the council that is for what the people of Indiantown are asking for seems to be Susan Gibbs Thomas. The rest just seem to be blindly following whatever lies are being fed them by Howard Brown. Let the decision go to Public Vote!! Let our votes decide!!!

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