Scott Watson Talks Everything Indiantown ~ New Info on Howard Brown

New Information brought to light in this interview

What is the new information?

Well…….Scott pointed out that a claim on Howard Browns Resume prior to hiring included a particular certification on it. As it turned out, he lied and did not have the certification. So…. what did Howard do. Well he asked the Council to pay for his time off and the cost of the classes to obtain the certification he lied about before being hired. WOW.

This begs a question. If the Council relied upon STAFF for the vetting process. Who did the background research? Who was responsible for submitting this to the Council for consideration without mention of Opa-Locka to the Council? What about the fact that he did not hold certifications he was claiming on his resume. The Council took staffs word for everything.

Regardless of the fact we are discussing the Village, it is the same in any municipality, that without doing your own research as a Council Person or Commissioner it is dangerous to just accept the story out of hand. Just like the lack of detail furnished to the BoCC about the pet stores. Relying on staff gives staff the power to steer.

Exclusive Interviews on The Pet Store Ban

Howard should be placed on Probation for 45 days while a complete investigation is done into his possible ethical breeches and violations of moral conduct while in charge here in the Village.

Keep in mind too Howard’s involvement in The FBI’s 4 year undercover sting operation.


Howard Brown The FBI & Opa-Locka Florida

Also, remember his consulting firm that he was allowed to own and operate?

How much has he made on the back end of that little perk. If memory serves, the Village Attorney was responsible for negotiating the contract presented to the Council. But who did the background checks? Obviously no one. If they did, they are pretty sloppy. Public Source information provided us with details on Opa-Locka and now his lies about the credentials.

Take Back The Golden Ring

Indiantowns Fire Rescue Consultant Has a Bit of a Past





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