Setting the record Straight

The Truth is a powerful Friend

Ms Susan Gibbs-Thomas – Village of Indiantown Councilwoman

This is the first in several updates we will be providing the good people of Indiantown about the half-truths and self serving comments that were made and reported without verification from News Channel 12 concerning the recent vaccine effort in Indiantown. They took the word of local elected, Antony Dowling, and did not even bother to talk with those that were there.

What is worse, the local politician provided erroneous and false information for the report. He was also part of the reason why 90 year olds where camping out overnight to receive the vaccine in cold, damp and windy January weather.

There are many more pieces of information to report to you on how this erroneous news report came together. Needles to say a communications policy for the Council and  staff would have gone a long way in preventing what is unfolding. Ask yourself, is their agenda your agenda?

Here is a Statement from Councilwoman Ms. Susan Gibbs-Thomas to set the record straight.

WPEC article follows –> (This is a link to the latest version with corrections confirming our first hand accounts. as of 2:47p 19 Jan 21)

It could be that the following is Antony’s source. Seems he should take his own advise on not looking at Facebook for Truth like he told the people of Indiantown to do.

prior coverage to this story – here are the links below – they include first hand interviews and videos.

Vaccine Day in Indiantown

200 Vaccine Inoculations in Indiantown

Covid vaccine in Indiantown after thoughts

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